How would You want to hang your Hanging Egg Chair?

Surprisingly, till date, it continues to draw the eyeballs of many ardent followers. While we know that most fashion statements fade away in one or two seasons, this is quite an achievement. This hanging egg chair has many benefits. It can be hung from any height. This feature makes it possible to drape the chair in the living room or the balcony or even the patio. Its chrome and acrylic finish looks beautiful and suits every ambiance where it is kept. Regardless of the setting and background, it is not an eyesore at all. With such versatility, we can get the reasons for its success in the interior decor industry. As time flew by, this chair underwent many changes. In modern times, resting inside this chair evokes a sensation of being cut off from the rest of the world. It is because of the innovations in acoustics that lowers the extraneous sounds. Users have cited, “The bubble chair enfolds me in an envelope of peace and tranquility.”

Eero Aarnio ‘ Bubble Chair ‘ is one of the finest hanging chairs ever made. While this chair looks candid, hanging the chair needs some special attention. Here are some of the things that are worth noting.

  1. As per Aarnio, the bottom of the chair must have a gap of at least 6 inches above the ground. It ensures a warm and relaxing experience for its occupant.
  2. Depending on the type of roof, changes need to be made to the hook from which it hangs. For example, a concrete ceiling needs both a heavy-duty plug and a screw hook. While, on the other hand, a wooden beam requires a screw used on wood

Note: The heavy-duty plug must have a diameter of at least 10 millimeters.

  1. Sudden knocks can damage the acrylic dome. Further, it can lead to speedy wear, tear, and breakages. Thus while hanging the chair, it is wise to be careful to avoid knocks. Users are also advised not to hang bubble chairs near other pieces of furniture or walls.

Note: While installing more than one, make sure there is enough space between the chairs to avoid any collision.

A bit of maintenance keeps these chairs new for long. Moreover, since these chairs are transparent, cleaning is a must. In fact, it is easy to clean these chairs. A simple wipe with a soft wet cloth does more than expected. These chairs look enchanting hanging from any space – office, bedroom or the patio. They are pleasant to the eye and can create an aura of freshness with its unmatched sophistication.